Sunday, November 1, 2009


While I was in Texas, we bundled up for my first ever air show at Alliance Air Field in Fort Worth. Instead of paying $$$ to park in the muddy field outside the airport and lose a little bit of our hearing, we parked at the side of the access road (Texas Style--Try to imagine getting away with that in LA...)with the rest of the watchers. The show was across the way, in the airfield, but we had great seats.

There were stunt pilots doing death-defying loop-d-loops, Waldo Pepper Outside Loops and stalls until they disappeared at the horizon and you thought they were moments from crashing, only to pull up and zoom skyward again. But here's how my pictures of those crazy stunts turned out.

See the smoke? Now, imagine you can actually make out the plane where that little black dot is. Yeah. You had to be there.

But then, the Blue Angels appeared. These guys are the elite fliers/goodwill ambassadors for the Navy and Marine Corps.

I kept pointing my camera at the blue, Texas sky, zooming in on the jets that were flying overhead. Even here, the shot's not so good, but you can get the feeling of the speed and proximity of the jets, tearing across the sky like maniacs.

These two were solo pilots that did that Top Gun, parallel, over/under move. But it was too far away to catch. Besides, I was too busy gasping to catch it.

They kept zooming over our heads, rumbling over the fields with a heart-stopping sound, literally inches apart.

If you click on the picture their Delta Wedge actually becomes visible.

Finally, after many misfires, I got this shot.

Their wingtips are literally inches apart. You can almost see the pilots in this shot. I kept thinking about their mothers, holding their collective breaths as their sons and/or daughters threaded the needles of time and space.

All I can say is, "Wow."

And, next time an airshow comes near, I'm going.


DebraLSchubert said...

Crazy. Simply. Crazy. Thanks so much for these great shots! I could no longer imagine flying a plane if it were the only plane in the sky, never mind flying side-by-side others at practically the speed of light. The talent and bravery is beyond my comprehension. ;-)

Sarah said...

Oh oh I used to love to go with Dad to the Air shows..they still facinate me!! Did you know I had planned to go into the Airforce? Wonderful post hon!! Fun to see what you are dicovering in Texas!! Love you hon, Sarah

Barbara said...

Debra--I feel the same way. Their dedication to perfection is amazing and inspiring!

Sarah--I did not know you meant to go into the AirForce. You are a font of secrets, little sis. I just remember dad breaking sound barriers above our house as an Air force jet pilot himself when I was little. It kind of adds another dimension to watching these shows to think of that.... Feel better! Hugs, B

Renee said...

I am really surprised that you were able to remove your eyes from your grandson for even a minute. har har

Dear friend, thank you so much for leaving me that beautiful comment.

Thank you.

Love Renee xoxo

Alejandro said...

Hi! thanks for the greeting...

i'm sorry, but my english is really bad.

see ya! xoxo :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have never gone to an airshow but I have watched them on youtube. The Blue Angels absolutely take your breath away with their incredible flying skills. You captured that beautifully in your last photo...just incredible with the light, the blue and the streaks of yellow!

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