Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, Dear.

Is there ever a wrong time to go visit your grandchild? If so, I please don't enlighten me. Especially when Halloween is in the air and every holiday is a first.

Luckily for me, last week I was able to drop everything (including work for a few days) and fly out to Texas to see my sweet daughter and Little Boo.

He took this one just for me, because I call him Little Boo.

We were simpatico, Boo and I. Because we Skype on the computer a few times a week, he remembered me when I first saw him and he gave me that little melt-your-heart smile. And never worried when I reached for him (read: snatched him out of his mother's arms!) for a cuddle.

Or to share a little snack. (Sorry, a little macro setting problem in this shot. But still...)

[On a side note: Is it wrong of me to feel some small grandma-happiness that when strange women koochie-cooed him and told him what a cutie he was, he looked to me when he burst into stranger-danger tears? Oh, my gosh. It was so adorable.]

He waited until I came for his first roll-over. Which was really, really sweet of him, considering it's hard to intersect those big moments from 1500 miles away.

Baby hugs and kisses. Oh, my.

Sometimes, I even let him sleep.



Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Sounds like an awfully big case of grandmother love!

He is beyond adorable Barbara. I'm sorry he isn't closer, but so glad you are able to drop everything to run to him. What a joy.

P.S. Am fighting something and tried your hydrogen peroxide suggestion, along with the other things, and so far I am winning the battle. Thank you! Hope you are well.

Snap said...

Thankfully, there is no cure. Just enjoy!

Barbara said...

Dear Bonnie,
Oh, I'm so glad you're fighting it off. Seriously, I've killed more cold bugs with Hydrogen peroxide! Hope you feel better soon! [[hugs!]]

Barbara said...

Snap, yes, it's a lifelong addiction. But how fun is that? Grandma's Unite! xoxo

Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's just too cute for words!

Renee said...

Barbara he is gorgeous and how nice for you to go see him.

I understand the heart strings that are attached there. Powerful strings.

Love Renee xoxo

clairedulalune said...

how lovely for you to get over to see your family! He is gorgeous! Beautiful photos!!

Matty said...

Having 3 grandsons myself, I can attest that any time is the right time. Fortunately for me, they all live within an hour of me. Sometimes they know I'm coming, and other times I drop in for a surprise.

Either way, everyone enjoys the visit.