Sunday, March 21, 2010

In The Moment

In case anyone wondered if I had fallen into some old well that was hidden in my path and was patiently awaiting rescue, without my computer, or means of communicating with you to explain why I haven't posted in weeks....

Well,  there was no well involved. At all.

I was, in fact, sick for the better part of  a month, with whatever horrid thing is going around, with only enough energy to drag myself to work, then fall into a puddle of fatigue at night. And frankly, facing my keyboard after a long day at work to post a blog here just wasn't happening. 

So, anyway, after a long gap, (I'm sorry!) I'm here to say "I survived!"

[I'm being dramatic. But that's just how I roll.]

But, no. Seriously. Yuk.

Have you had this mysterious kick-in-the-*ss this year? Was it H1N1? Was it the flu? Was it just some virus with ulterior motives?

Anyway, moving on.
I thought I should show you something that made me smile this month.

There was this.

This little boy always makes me smile.  He's looking out the window at the doggies, who fascinate him.  Oh, the concentration!

Then, there was this belly laugh...

Oh, dear...
And will someone please explain to me why those little creases in their arms are so delicious?

Some things just defy explanation.

Like this picture.


Give up? Okay, it's my cat, Maisy,  rolling in the hammock of our shade-cloth covered patio. She likes to run up there and show off when we're in the back yard with her. She's very excited to have company and likes for us to poke her and play with her through the cloth. She's a cutie.

Here's Maisy with a paw outstretched in invitation.

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to worry about was a good play date on the patio cover?  What I love about pets is that they're just that simple. Like babies. In the moment.

That seems to be a concept that eludes me. But, as I roll through this thunderstorm of change in my life, I am working hard to keep it in mind.

Just put out a paw. And play a little.

Be kind to yourself,
xoxoxo  Barbara


Snap said...

Nice to *see* you. Hope you are all recovered from the nasty virus. Never grow up ... don't forget how to play ... words to live by (especially in times of stress).

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I was wondering where you were and HOW you were. So sorry to hear you were feeling ill for so long. Not fun.

Now that little boy is DELICIOUS! Love the pic of him in deep concentration - and the big belly laugh. SO CUTE!

Take care of yourself dear Barbara!

Linda Hoye said...

Lovely're right there is nothing like a baby belly laugh! Glad you're feeling better.

Barbara said...

Hey Snap... Yes, need some good belly laughs in my life. How's Mr. Dragon?? Hope he is on the road to recovery, as well.

Barbara said...

Dear Bonnie, Thanks for not giving up on me. Yes, it's been a stressful time. But skyping with my little Boo keeps me grounded and happy.

Barbara said...

Thanks Linda, me too. Thanks for checking in!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I've known several people who have caught the flu virus this winter (both regular flu and H1N1) and it is nasty, nasty stuff. So glad to hear you're feeling better now!

Nothing is cuter than kids and cats! You're blessed with two excellent examples of that!

BTW, there is a Beautiful Blogger award waiting for you over at my blog on the March 9th post!

clairedulalune said...

Oh Barbara, so sorry to hear of your yucky illness. Boy, you were sick! Big fella had something like that at Christmas to the point I was getting quite worried about him. You know the typical man, instead of going to the doctors he wanted to lie in bed with a loud bell for me to run to. But he was very sick and took him a good while to get over it. I am glad you are feel better and your pictures made me smile! ((hugs))

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad you are back - I've missed you. I've been checking on you.

Glad you are feeling better.

How come those fat rolls look so good on the little ones and not so good on us older ones? lol

Your cat looks so relaxed and

Your husband wrote the sweetest blog about you - so sweet.


stregata said...

Sorry to hear you have been so ill and I hope you are fully recovered. Love the first image!!! Cats are really in the moment - gotta love the invitation to play!!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Hi hon....I'm so glad you have finally kicked that nasty bug too...seems it floated my way sigh.
He is the cutest sweetie pie...I just wanna hug him. The belly laugh picture just slays me...tooooo cute! Love it! Lucky Grandma you!!
I love that cat pictures..she is so sweet...were we on the phone when you were taking those!
Glad to see you here hon..breathe! Am thinking of you! Love ya, Sarah

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Barbara -- no problem! I knew it would be awhile before I could tell you about the BB award because you're not posting as often now that you're working full time. And that's perfectly fine! Time is flexible in the blogosphere!

Matty said...

I hear so many people talking about that dastardly bug going around. With spring here, hopefully it's moved on.

As a grandfather, I really appreciate times like this with the grandchildren. You captured quite a moment there with that great smile.