Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas Vacation ( Part Deux)

(Part II)
Tucson was amazing and seeing my sister, Anne, again was so fun.  But, then, we were off to New Mexico to accomplish the real reason we packed ourselves up in our car and drove 900 miles.

The official cuddling our Grandson on his first Christmas!

We were lucky enough to be invited out to spend that first Christmas with our son-in-law's family (it was their turn this year to get the kids) . Our in-laws were wonderful hosts.  We arrived on Christmas Eve when the whole family gathered to exchange gifts with  our son-in-law's dad and  step-mom.

(Note: Yes, that IS an entire buffalo hide draped over the back of the couch!)

They had the biggest tree I'd ever seen in a house. And probably the highest ceilings. A real New Mexico  casa. Beautiful, with great views of these:

Here was our first glimpse.

And later, our second.

These beauties, called the Organ Mountains, (supposedly, because they resemble pipe organs) were, by then,  tinted pink with the sunset, and when the sun finally went down, the stars blanketed overhead across a black sky. I tilted my head back, tempted to break into Don Maclean's "Starry, Starry Night!"

Thankfully for all involved,  I refrained.

I wish I could have gotten a shot of that, because you really haven't seen the night sky until you've seen it in New Mexico. (Well, maybe you have. But not if you live in L.A.) But my camera wasn't quite up to that task of capturing it. Sigh. I'll just have to rely on my starry sky memories.

The real star of the show, however, was the little boo. (er, Ryan).  Here he is opening presents.

Being the one and only granchild, he was showered with toys, clothes, books and hugs. He had fun. Particularly with this:

This yummy doggie  he received for Christmas from his parents is strangely reminiscent of the one we got our daughter on her first Christmas. (see below)

(Note: Please try to overlook my hubby's yowsa striped bathrobe, circa 1980 in the background. It's hard I know. There's no accounting for 1980's fashion taste.)

Can you see the resemblence? It's in the smile. Whew, that takes me back!

But I digress.

So, over the next two days, the 'boys' played tackle football (and could hardly move the next day), went skeet shooting (bruised their shoulders and thumbs) and generally accomplished male bonding.

The girls cooked, shopped and visited the old-town square. (where Billy the Kid was reputedly incarcerated and shot down by Pat Garret!) The town looks almost exactly the same as it did then, with old adobe buildings and original glass windows.  La Mesilla was beautifully decorated for Christmas with paper bag luminarias on every rooftop and sidewalk.

That was gorgous. And then we all had wonderful New Mexican food.
Ry was happy.

He really enjoyed his sippy cup lid.
And we enjoyed him.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip with only one (minor) speeding ticket involved. ( FYI: In Arizona, if you see one of those radar jeeps with its antennae up, don't think for a second they aren't watching you. They're armed with cameras, baby!)  But it was a small price to pay. We had fun.

Hope your holidays were wonderful and filled with relaxation, friends, family and fun!
xoxox B


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a wonderful Christmas adventure! And Boo is one cute little Boo Boo Bear!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh oh oh oh so very cute!! I looove the pictures!! Beautiful place..but seriously...Boo was the star. Yes they do look the shot of Challee!!
So glad you had a wonderful time hon!!
Still giggling over David's robe...snort...too funny!
Love ya, Sarah

stregata said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you an even more wonderful New Year, filled with Health, Happiness and Love!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Barbara: I think you should have saved the shots of the vacation for another post - No one is noticing them when they can ooooh and aaaaah over your beautiful grandson. What a smile!! I do see the resemblance in the smile to your daughter. Aren't memories wonderful? The old and the new ones we are creating...

Now we all get back to work. :-(

Angie Muresan said...

Oh what a cutie pie your grandson is! Happy 2010 to you and yours. Here via Renee's blog!

Barbara said...

Debra, Hee-hee...I call him Boo, but he's really Ryan. I am shamelessly in love with him. That smile just kills me. Thanks sweetie.

Barbara said...

Sarah, Yes, the robe was a 'fashion don't' for sure! But if we dug through my closet, I'm afraid I'd have plenty of my own to admit to! Oh, we missed you at Christmas. Maybe one of these years soon, huh? xoxo B

Barbara said...

Thanks Renate! Same back atcha! Hope this year brings you so much happiness and success with all you desire. xoxo B

Barbara said...

Bonnie, Hahaha... Yes, you're right, of course. And I did say it was all about him, right? But isn't New Mexico gorgeous? Wow. I couldn't resist. Now I'll have to dig up another interesting post. I loved yours on the brain today. I thought it all day and made my awake brain work extra hard. ;p))
xox B

Barbara said...

Hi Angie! Welcome! So glad you stopped by. And I'm thrilled you came by via Renee. I love her. Who doesn't? She's a continual inspiration to me. I'll stop by your blog for a visit! Thanks for your kind words.

Renee said...

Barbara he is just gorgeous I think he might be around the same age as Domenic.

Domenic was born on July 12th.

Love Renee xoxo

Chatty Crone said...

Ryan is adorable and I do see the resemblance. Same color of hair too. What a great Christmas you had. 900 miles and one ticket - hope you weren't the one who got it. Also - the scenery there is awesome.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Barbara, what fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Sounds like a great time was had, and you'll have those memories forever.

That striped robe makes me think Where's Waldo?

Amelia said...

I loved reading about your Christmas with Ryan! Woo-hoo! What a little angel he is. And Vincent is one of my all time favorite songs.
It was good to connect with you, dear friend! I just wish there had been a recent pic of you. My thoughts are you haven't aged a bit!
Amelia Grey

Unknown said...

what a darling grand baby! isn't being a grandma just the very very best?