Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Love

My new grandson came to visit me this last week with my daughter. They live halfway across the country from us. I was lucky enough to be there to watch his birth and to stay for a couple of weeks after. But he's changed so much in such a short time.

We had so much fun playing with him. He's almost three months old now. And we see contact sports in his future. Look at the size of those hands!

Or maybe a veterinarian. My cat, Sylvester, wanted to cuddle as close to him as he could. Oh, dear.

Look at those little folds!

He is such a sweet-tempered boy. Smiley all the time. He takes after his mom. When she was little she would wake up singing, making me laugh. She still makes me laugh.

I have a lot of friends who've had grandchildren. They all love them madly, of course. But just as no one could explain to me how I'd feel about my own children when they were born, that sweet ache of love that slides into you like sunlight, no one could have prepared me... Nobody warned me what would happen when this guy turned that smile on me.

Oh, help!


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Barbara - how blessed you are! What a dream baby - and he looks very happy!

Your daughter is a beautiful woman - how could she not be. I love to see your avatar with your beautiful face smiling out at me on my blog.

I remember thinking, why didn't anyone tell me!! It is a love that simply over-powers us with emotion - especially gratitude. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh..I wanna hold him...can an Aunt feel this way too!!?? OMG I can't help...I'm in the same boat! I looove those babies. He is at that wonderfully squishy stage that ya just wanna snuggle them and they loooove it. The cat - oh hon that is too cute!!!
Your Challee was one of those Kate and Nonni..always wakes with a smile and a song. hon you did good!! I am not surprised one little bit!!
Barb...hang in there hon!! How wonderful to be a Grammy!!!! Love you and huge hugs, Sarah

Snap said...

Look at that smile! What a happy little guy. You get to spoil, spoil, spoil ... just what grandparents are for ... love, love, love. !!!

Holly said...

Your baby, your little girl is beautiful! Your grandson is wonderful. You are lucky!!

Barbara said...

Bonnie, Aw, thanks! And seriously, even if they had told me, I couldn't wrap my brain around it. Yummy.

Sarah- :p) Anytime, sis. He's available for cuddling.

Snap- hee-hee, I fully intend to do my share of spoiling! :p)

Holly--Thank you, hon. She is beautiful, but even better, she's the sweetest girl. A great mommy.

A Palmer said...

I LOVE the picture with Sylvester. What a sweet, sweet cat he is. Ry-Ry is a little punkin puss. I hope to get to hold him sometime soon. He's lucky to have you as his grandma.