Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was outside today, staring at my vegetable garden noticing that nothing was producing anymore except for these gorgeous little white flowers on my flowering garlic, which is sad because I live in California where you'd think my whole summer would be overflowing with veggies. But it's not. No, my tomatoes are finished; green, but finished. My zucchini has bitten the dust. Likewise my summer squash. I think it's probably my fault somehow because at some point, too early every year, this happens. Too much water? Too little? Who knows? I love to garden but I'm no expert. I throw the plants in there, boost them up with good stuff and hope. That's really what planting a garden is, right? It's a hopeful act. You hope you'll eat off of it every year.

Here's my zucchini in better days.

Oh, sweet zucchini! I loved you!

Its leaves are peppered with fallen purple jacaranda blossoms from my nearby tree. I would swear that (The Artist-Formerly-Known-As-) Prince came up with his song title "Purple Rain" from these blossoms. Well, not specifically my blossoms. But from one of these gorgeous, crazy making trees. (Hint: Never plant one in your backyard.) Do you think this has anything to do with my failed garden?

And here, hiding under pristine green leaves with no trace of the powdery futurama that awaits it, is the yellow squash.

Aren't they little beauties? But alas, they are no more.

So, anyway, I'm staring at my garden that is sliding into its yearly oblivion and notice bees swarming all over these garlic flowers. Totally ignoring me. Unconcerned by my presence. So I took some pictures of them. Of their little shiny, transparent wings.

They were busy, working. Not thinking or worrying about the zucchini flowers that had gone away. No, they were only thinking about these flowers. The ones that still had some sweetness in them. And I thought...bees are naturally wise.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Lovely shots of your garden - and great "capture" of the bees, who are truly present to what is.

Holly said...

Oh man...Barb, thanks for that one. Really.

Liz said...

Just stumbled onto your blog this morning... and I enjoyed this post. That first photo is stunning.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

So have the wisdom of some of the creatures of nature. I'm not a gardener so I applaud you for having the lovely veggies that I see in these photos!

Sarah said...

Oh Barb...what a wonderful post!! I loved the pictures too - amazing shots - beautiful!!! The words though - yup I need to hear them everyday..stay in the present sweetness. I loved it..more..more please!!! Love, Sarah

Renee said...

Yeah for a bee comeback. We have wasps that have built a nest under the house. One bit the mailman.


A Palmer said...

I can sympathize, but in our case, all we got were a few cherry tomatoes and some onions. No big tomatoes, no squash, no beans or peppers or corn. So we're not gardeners apparently. I could grow things in Ohio, but Arizona eludes me. Love to see the bees though. Keep 'em comin'!

Barbara said...

Yeah, Arizona sun is not conducive to growing stuff. But I have no such excuse. I think I must have some bad thing in my soil, lurking.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Beautiful photos of such bust creatures. I've never planted a garden, our soil is mostly rock and clay, but I always love seeing others.